How to Configure Email on SonyEricsson P800/P900/P910

You can configure Email client to download (POP/IMAP) and send (SMTP) emails through server to achieve better performance and reduce traffic. In order to do so you need to reconfigure your email software.

Please be advised that since your mail software has been configured to use servers, toonel application must be running when you are sending or receiving emails.

  1. Go to Control Panel, select Connections tab and click on Messaging accounts

  2. On the Email tab select your Mail Account and press Edit button.

  3. Leave Basic tab untouched and go to the Inbox tab. On this tab change "Incoming server address" field to . It is good idea to write down the original value in this field - we will need it later. Do not change fields "User name" and "Password".

  4. Go to the next tab Outbox and modify Outgoing server address to . Do not forget to remember the original value in this field. Also we need to check "Use SMTP authentification" and fill in "User name" and "Password" fields. Please reffer your email provider help page for details. If you do not intend to send email from your phone you can skip this step.

  5. Press Done button and then Done button again on Messaging accounts window to apply changes.
  6. Run Opera browser and type http://localhost:7999/ in the address line. Please make sure that is running.

  7. Click on "Port Mapping" link on the top of the page. On this page we need to put the original server name that was on Inbox tab in Email account setup. You can modify existing sample accounts or you can create a new one by selecting --New Entry-- row. For incoming servers default port values should be 110. Press Aply button to accept changes.

  8. To setup outgoing server repeat last step

  9. Press "Apply" button to make the changes active.

I have 2 email accounts, how can I add the second account?

Adding second account is pretty much the same as creating the first one. The only difference is that you have to pick up a new port number and specify it in the email client application and in the mapping page in After step 3 goto to Advanced tab and change the port number. In the example below new port number is 111 (you can pick up any number). Please make sure that this number is the same as Local Port number in the mapping page.

When you press Apply button check the name of the new record. If "inactive" appears in front of your server name it is most likely that the current port number is not available. In this case just pick another port number from 1 to 65535. Remember that the port number in the email client application should match Local Port on the port mapping page.
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