Email (Mac Os X)

The following page describes how to configure Apple’s Mail application in order to run outgoing SMTP and incoming POP mail through

You may wish to back up your current mail preferences (~/Library/Preferences/ before proceeding.

Note: screenshots below may be slightly different for newer or older versions of client application.

1. In client mapping pane click "POP Server [Incoming mail sample]" to configure a new tunnel for incoming mail. Fill in host name for your POP server, for example The remote port is actual port of your POP server – it will be 110 in most cases. You also have to choose unique local port number. It needs to be greater than 1024, and should not conflict with anything else running on your machine. In our example we use default port number 8110. Click "Apply" button.

2. Now we have to configure one more tunnel for outgoing mail. Click "SMTP Server [Outgoing mail sample]" and fill in server host name and port numbers. We use standard remote port 25 and unique local port 8025. Click "Apply" button.

3. Open Preferences in Mail, and go to "Accounts". Under Account Information, change "Incoming Mail Server" to

Click on the "Server Settings" button under "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)".

4. Change "Outgoing Mail Server" to, and "Server Port" to 8025.

5. Go to the "Advanced" tab of the "Accounts" pane. Change the port number to the local port 8110.


Note: If your mail servers require some type of authentication, change the relevant settings to match those requirements.

You are done. Save your changes and restart Mail.

The client application must be running each time you want to connect and use Mail.

Getting help or submitting a problem report

Please contact us via email: support AT (please Replace the AT with an @ symbol).
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