is an experiment in a technique for conserving network bandwidth. If you are paying a fee based on the amount of data you transfer (e.g. 3G/GPRS/DSL/CDMA) and have monthly download limit, or if you have narrowband connection (e.g. dialup modem) then you are most likely to appreciate the service offers. There are number of client application packages. All solutions are 100% Java based and therefore this service can be used on any platform with an installed Java Runtime Environment, including mobile phones. what is it good for? Why is different?
expensive transports (e.g. GPRS, CDMA…) cross platform
narrowband or slow connections (e.g. dial-up) built from open source components
stretching download limits allows to compress virtually any traffic

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16-nov-2006 Mac Universal (runs on both Intel and PowerPC-based Mac computers) is available...

02-aug-2006 for Pocket PC has been nominated for a 2006 Best Software Award in the "Browsers and Web Utilities" category by the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine staff and its Board of Experts!

17-jul-2006 SOCKS4/5 support added (limited) to .NET version of Toonel for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC only).

24-jun-2006 .NET version of Toonel for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC only) is available for downloading.

20-jan-2006 From 20-jan-2006 the only supported versions of are and

03-jan-2006 version is available. Latest version provides greater compression ratios, allows to control quality of GIF images and use of parent proxy servers. Added extra settings to improve memory usage on limited mobile devices such as P800.

28-nov-2005 client version (Generic and Symbian) is available. Client allows to control quality of JPEG images. Fixed throughput issues on mobile devices. According to the maximum P800's throughput is 180 kbs.

27-jul-2005 has been nominated for a 2005 Best Software Award in the "Browsers and Web Utilities" category by the Pocket PC magazine staff and the Board of Experts

15-jul-2005 version for Windows Mobile is now available.

24-apr-2005 version; added SSL support for POP, SMTP and IMAP connections. This option is especially useful on mobile devices (SE P800, SE P900, SE P910, Zaurus etc) for receiving emails from SSL-aware servers like . Check our support page on how to configure email on SonyEricson P800.

30-mar-2005 version for mac os x; version history section is now available.

05-mar-2005 version with enhanced user interface is available (generic and mac os x packages).

17-feb-2005 we finally made our first freeware package for the macintosh platform available on We've been using this for almost a year and we hope that someone else might also find this service useful.

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Smartphone & Pocket PC Nominee 2006

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