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Web browsing and FTP (Mac Os X)
Web browsing and FTP (Linux)
Web browsing and FTP (Windows)
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Web browsing and Email (Windows Mobile)
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Other TCP/IP traffic

Getting help or submitting a problem report allows you to compress virtually any TCP/IP traffic. If you wish to use the service for web browsing then please set the following HTTP, HTTPS and FTP proxy settings for the connection you wish to use: port 8080. Please refer to your system help on how to change proxy settings. The above links may also be useful and show how to configure certain applications. The client application must be running all time when you are accessing the Internet.

Note: If you have personal firewall running you may need to allow Java Internet access.

Image quality

Starting from version client allows to control quality of JPEG images. You can degrade images to achieve better compression by setting percentage of the original quality.
Starting from version client also allows to control quality of GIF images by reducing color palette of the original image.
To change image quality using version select "" configuration on the Mapping pane. To change image quality using version and above select the Web pane.

NOTE: The correct ratios depend on your needs e.g. 90% JPEG quality can save up to 50% of the image size.

Web interface

Starting form version client application has optional web interface which by default can be accessed from web browser at http://localhost:7999/.


Starting from version client allows encryption of POP, SMTP and IMAP connections inside SSL.
1. You can use it when your email application does not support SSL.
2. Even if you have support for SSL in your mail application you can benefit from using SSL option in the application. In such a case your data will be compressed and then encrypted which overall gives better compression ration.
3. NOTE: if you use SSL option you must disable SSL option in your mail application. The rule of thumb is that SSL option should be enabled only once - either in or in your mail application.

Traffic Meters

The traffic meters on the Stats pane of application monitor actual content transfer and compression ratios. Please note this does not include transport or encryption overheads such as GPRS or SSL.

Getting help or submitting a problem report

Please contact us via email: support AT (please Replace the AT with an @ symbol).

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